Monday, May 31, 2010

At E2 , Bugis Illumia Shopping Centre.

I went to E2 lingerie boutique at Bugis Illumia Shopping Centre while waiting for my turn to watch the movie at Illumia Cineplex.

I was greeted by cheerful young salesgirl.

"May I help you, Sir?"

Me: let me browse some first.

I went to browse some sets. Take one set off the racks , examine then put them back.

There were a lot of lady customers browsing, but I kept a respectful distance.

After browsing some set, I chose the set , the salesgirl took it to counter. She asked me 'anything else?'

I said nothing.

She not satisfied , taking another set , saying buy one more.

I said politely "no,no.'

She insisted..

I said

Then the senior cashier urged me to buy.

I said no..

Then she wrap up one set and I paid SGD 89 for one set.

She smiled and told me to come again.

I walked out of the shop , and watch movie.

(next one: Chalone - which sell Lejaby , Aubade, Simone Pierre and other French lingeries -very expensive.)

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