Monday, May 31, 2010

At E2 , Bugis Illumia Shopping Centre.

I went to E2 lingerie boutique at Bugis Illumia Shopping Centre while waiting for my turn to watch the movie at Illumia Cineplex.

I was greeted by cheerful young salesgirl.

"May I help you, Sir?"

Me: let me browse some first.

I went to browse some sets. Take one set off the racks , examine then put them back.

There were a lot of lady customers browsing, but I kept a respectful distance.

After browsing some set, I chose the set , the salesgirl took it to counter. She asked me 'anything else?'

I said nothing.

She not satisfied , taking another set , saying buy one more.

I said politely "no,no.'

She insisted..

I said

Then the senior cashier urged me to buy.

I said no..

Then she wrap up one set and I paid SGD 89 for one set.

She smiled and told me to come again.

I walked out of the shop , and watch movie.

(next one: Chalone - which sell Lejaby , Aubade, Simone Pierre and other French lingeries -very expensive.)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Before I related my experience at lingerie boutiques, let me show the silly video:

This man don't know the size of his girlfriend , must go and fondle salesgirls. (it is a strict no-no in Singapore. You can be charged for molest.)

Fellow Singaporean men, don't be shy and buy lingerie set

My fellow Singaporean men,
Do you wish to buy lingerie set for your girlfriend, wife , or any female you know but you are very shy ,worry about being mistaken for perverts, or that lingerie sets bring bad luck to you?

Well, I have been buying lingerie sets for my girlfriends. My favourite lingerie brands are Chantelle, Lejaby and Aubade. Yes, the sets are very pricey but its designs are nice and cute.

I went lingerie shopping in Orchard areas ,like Takashimaya.

Can you tell me how the salesgirl will treat you as well as surrounding women who are in lingerie boutique?

They will give you hostile stare, telling you to leave or security would be called in?

To tell you the truth based on my encounter:

Salesgirls will greet you with a friendly smile:" May I help you, Sir?"

Many female customers don't mind you as long as you keep respectful distance from them.
Don't stand too close to changing room otherwise you are mistaken for peeping tom.

As long as you treat lingerie and ladies (salesgirls, lady customers) with respect , you are welcome to browse and go to counter to make a purschase.

Make sure you know the size you desired, eg. bra size, panties sizes..

Will tell you more on my encounters at lingerie boutiques next day.