Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beware of sales tactics..

I went to one of the leading department store in Singapore. Metro.

There got a lot of lady customers browsing and queueing up to make purschses at counter.

One middle-aged salesgirl saw me browsing the bra and walked up to me with a smile , ' May I help you, Sir?'

I gave a smile and said ' Let me check first'

I went thru the bras and pick out one bra , then asked for 34C size. She said 'no 34C.' and recommended the more expensives one (over $200). She said this one nicer.

I said no.

She then recommended 36B for the bra I orginally chose, and said 36B can fit 34C too.

I thought hard. I decided not to buy. The salesgirl then recommended Triumph designs- buy 3 get 1 free.

I see no point buying 3 bras (these are not for me,but for my beloved.)

A few lady customers stared at me and giggled because a man was shopping for lingerie.
Very funny mah?

Okay,back to the question- can 36B size fit woman of 34C size?

I don't think so. because woman will feel discomfort on breasts.

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